Studio Policy



The Studio calendar year runs from the first lesson in September through the last lesson in June.  The Studio Calendar for this academic year is part of this Studio Policy. Summer lesson scheduling and length can be flexible to accommodate busy summer schedules. Students can also choose to continue lessons through the summer with no change in schedule or monthly tuition.


Each student is given a 45-minute lesson, which is enriched with computer-aided instruction using the newest and most innovative software programs, as well as educational websites.

One-Hour group lessons are held 6 times during the school year session in place of the private lesson for that week. Attendance at group lessons is expected.


The technology in the studio is designed to build and reinforce various musicianship skills, and provide students with additional opportunities to learn Music Theory and Analysis, Composition, Ear-Training, Music History, Music Notation, and Sight-Reading. The Lab experience also includes improving critical listening skills of musical masterworks. Students are expected to respect all studio property and to use equipment carefully.


Group lessons are scheduled during six Group Lesson Weeks, clearly marked on your Studio Calendar. Group lessons are scheduled on Mondays.

Prior to September, each student will be assigned to a specific group, and that group will be assigned a specific time.  If for any reason your child cannot attend his or her assigned group lesson, he or she may attend another group that same day. Group lessons cannot be made up at a later date.


There are no makeup’s refunds or credits for missed lessons. To avoid missing a lesson, you can switch your lesson time with another student. Please email the teacher to request a Swap List should you need to reschedule your child’s lesson.

If Public School is cancelled in the ORR School System, please call the Studio to find out if there are lessons.

Makeup Lessons will not be given for lessons missed due to family vacations during the school year.


All students receive a copy of everyone’s name, lesson time, email, and phone number. You may use this list to rearrange lessons for important and unavoidable conflicts. Once you have made a Swap, please confirm your exchange and call or email to let me know. I am not available to teach at times not listed on the Swap List.


I reserve the right at any time to terminate the lessons of any student for any reason.

If parents or students choose to discontinue lessons for any reason, they are expected to notify me at least 30 days in advance, or pay for one month’s tuition.


For their safety, students are also not allowed to wait for parents outside. They will be watching for you from inside. Please do not beep your horn to announce your arrival as I am always concerned with being considerate to my neighbors.


Be certain that your piano is kept tuned and in good condition. Piano tuners in the area include: Steven Piazza, 508-990-0062; Claude Cobert, 508-992-4739, Chris Brown, 508-295-6104, and Andrew Pettey, 800-804-6220.


Please contact Michelle for tuition information at 508-758-3158 or email at

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